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border frame cantik

Typically, it takes 7-14 days, but we can expedite it in 1-2 days upon request. (depends on stock)

You will receive a notification through SMS, WhatsApp, or a phone call once your frame/order is ready for pickup. Feel free to reach out if you have any specific requests.

For larger or oversized items ordered from us, it’s advisable to have your own contractors or utilize our installation services. Smaller frames can be self-installed, giving you the flexibility to choose.

Yes, we provide delivery and installation services in the Klang Valley area (T&Cs Apply). For other zones, there may be a service charge based on the quantity of installation work.

High-quality work, custom options, expert help, many choices, and great prices ensure your artwork is beautifully framed and protected.

We can frame everything! From artwork, photos, posters, and certificates to memorabilia, textiles, and more. Bring your item in, and we’ll help you find the best framing solution.

Yes, we can create a mirror with the size you prefer, keeping in line with your expectations and budget. Whether is a round mirror, square mirror, or rectangular mirror, we do. 

Usually, creating a new frame is a more cost-effective and quicker solution compared to repairs. The expenses and time involved in disassembling and fixing can add up.

However, we do provide printing services like poster printing, canvas printing, and photo printing. If you have a damaged photo, you can bring it to us, and we can print a fresh copy for you. (depends on how damage the photo is, bring to our shop and let us check on it :)) picture frames is nicer than just picture alone.

Framing is individualistic, so pick the combination that feels soothing and beautiful, especially when it comes to a ‘beautiful border frame’ & ‘border frame cantik’.

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